Blender Strategy by Homerfan33

The Blender Strategy seeks to maximize $BLUR farming from Blend by aggregating liquidity and taking a risk-mitigated approach to loan bidding. Homerfan33, a top Blend farmer and long-standing NFT lender, is leading the strategy and making loan bids. His strategy for bidding follows the below guidelines:

  • The bid pricing does not exceed 90% of the value of the NFT collection. The value of NFT collection is the highest bid. For example, if BAYC floor is 38 ETH and highest bid is 36 ETH, loan bids will be made at a max 36 ETH * 0.9 = 32.4ETH.

  • All loans are called after 24 hours. Blur points are given out based on outstanding bids. Once a bid is accepted by a borrower, then that capital is not being used to farm. After the 24 hour penalty period has passed, the loan will be automatically closed.

  • Bids are diversified across all eligible collections. There are currently 13 eligible collections that receive Lending Points on Blur.

Homerfan33 will also be supplying the Junior Depositor contribution for this strategy at an initial funding amount of 200 ETH. The Blender Strategy is directly open for Senior Depositors on the Coolwater dApp. Additional Junior Depositors can contact the Thaw Digital team to inquire about possible junior opportunities.

Senior Depositors are eligible to receive a 70% royalty of the $BLUR airdrop earnings from their contribution to the Strategy. The royalty earnings can be tracked via the dApp as an accrual of Blur points and an estimation of the value of Blur points in $BLUR and $USD. The Blur team has communicated that over 300M $BLUR will be distributed in Season 2 (current airdrop time period). The value of Blur Points should thus roughly equal 300M / Total Blur Points distributed in Season 2 but is ultimately based on factors determined by the team behind Blur.

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