Advantages of Aggregating ETH to lend on Blend

There are two main advantages for aggregating ETH into a single wallet for bidding on loans on Blend:

  1. Minimizing downside risk for Depositors - Lending on Blend can be lucrative, but the risk profile is similar to writing a put option. Lead Strategists are Lenders who use their expertise to minimize downside risk while maximizing returns. They use the Coolwater platform to receive loans from Depositors to aggregate bidding capital to provide passive return to Depositors while gaining leverage on their capital.

  2. Blur provides multipliers to top Farmers:

    1. Top-100 farming wallets receive 1.2x Blur points.

    2. Top-50 farming wallets receive 1.5x Blur points.

    3. Top-25 farming wallets receive 2x Blur points.

    4. Top-10 farming wallets receive 2.5x Blur points.

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