Investment periods: Epochs

Coolwater’s technology utilizes discrete contribution periods called “epochs” to allow Lead Strategists to manage how funds are deployed in Strategies. Each Coolwater Strategy has its own epoch duration after which another epoch begins. When Depositors deposit funds, they get deployed in the next epoch. When Depositors submit withdrawal requests, they get processed in the next epoch. This ensures that deployed funds and Depositor contribution amounts stay locked during each epoch which enables accurate contribution performance tracking.

Example (illustrative):

The Blend Strategy starts a new Epoch on the 1st and 15th of every calendar month. Epoch #1 starts on August 1st and has 100 ETH (50 Depositor and 50 Lead Strategist) and the following actions are made before August 15th:

  • Depositor deposits 20 ETH.

  • Lead Strategist deposits 10 ETH.

  • Depositor submit 10 ETH in withdrawal requests before August 12th (*Blend Strategy requires that withdrawal requests take place at least 72 hours before the start of next epoch to get processed in the next epoch).

Epoch #2 starts on August 15th with 120 ETH (60 Depositor and 60 Lead Strategist). Net S inflows are each 10 ETH for Depositor and Lead Strategist.

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