Blender Strategy

The first Coolwater Strategy focused on $BLUR token farming

There are many participants involved within the Coolwater Blender Strategy. See below for definitions:

  • Lead Strategist - The collateralized NFT lender who manages the lending Strategy that will be deployed on Blend.

  • Strategy - The pool of capital managed by the Lead Strategist, which Depositors can contribute ETH into.

  • Depositor - The individuals who loan (i.e., deposit) to a Lead Strategist's Strategy.

  • Coolwater - The platform, developed and serviced by Thaw Digital, which securely custodies Depositors assets, tracks and manages performance, and processes and distributes withdrawals and returns ($BLUR) to Depositors.

  • Borrower - The wallet holder who owns an NFT and enters into a collateralized-loan agreement with the Lead Strategist's Strategy on Blend.

  • Farmer - Generic term for anyone who bids to purchase and/or bids to lend on Blur.

  • Lender - Generic term for anyone who originates loans on Blend

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