1. What protections are in place to make sure the Lead Strategist doesn’t steal the funds?

All Lead Strategists and Depositors contribute ETH to the pooled lending wallet via Fireblocks. Both the Deposit vault and Trading vault are governed by a [2 of 3] MPC arrangement with the keys held by Thaw; funds deposited in the Deposit vault may only be transferred to the whitelisted addresses of Depositors, Lead Strategists, or the Trading vault. See Wallet Security section of this document for further information on Fireblocks and its utilization by CoolWater.

  1. How soon after the airdrop claim opens will I receive my $BLUR?

The Trading vault wallet will claim $BLUR within 24 hours of the claiming window opening. While maintaining our strict security standards, Coolwater will distribute $BLUR to all wallets within a commercially reasonable period after the lending wallet makes the $BLUR. As both the claim and distribution will be recorded on the blockchain, that status of this process will be fully transparent on the blockchain.

  1. When does Blur Season 2 end?

There has been no formal announcement from Blur regarding when Season 2 will end.

  1. Is there any way to transfer my claim of Blur points?

For security reasons, our system links earnings to the wallet that made the deposit. So unfortunately, there is no way to transfer your claim of Blur points.

  1. Does Coolwater own or operate any of the strategy pools?

Neither Coolwater nor Thaw Digital own or operate any of the strategy pools.

Thaw Digital provides the Coolwater application software which allows one wallet to lend to another wallet for the purposes of deploying funds in Blur lending.

  1. Is Coolwater or Thaw affiliated with Blur?

Neither Coolwater nor Thaw are affiliated with Blur in any way.

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